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MoneyPlanner is a forecasting tool designed to help you and your partner forecast your future financial situation, either as a couple or as individuals.  It is user-friendly and intuitive and will help you make informed decisions about your future

When thinking about your future finances one of the first questions you have to answer is ‘how much money will I need?’. 
MoneyPlanner helps you calculate your required annual income by identifying the different items of expenditure that you have and providing you with a total amount.

The main benefit of MoneyPlanner is in the Forecasting section. 
In the Forecasting section, MoneyPlanner uses the information on your required annual income, and combines it with details that you provide on your current earnings, occupational pensions, state pension, cash savings and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).
You can also add in details of your mortgages and any planned future events, for example: buying a new car; contributing to a family wedding or selling a property etc.

With all this information, MoneyPlanner calculates what your cash shortfall or surplus will be each month, taking into account income tax liability and forecast inflation and investment growth. 
You will then be able to see how comfortable you will be in the future and decide if you need to amend any of your expectations or plans.

MoneyPlanner takes input for a single person or for two people on the same forecast so it is ideal for a couple who are wanting to plan their future finances together.
It is often the case that one member of a couple is financially better off than the other as they may have had a better job or have a better occupational pension scheme, but they wish to plan for the future as a couple rather than as two individuals. 
MoneyPlanner has the facility to allow ‘cross funding’ of overspend from one person to another and therefore give an accurate forecast of the future financial position of a couple rather than two individuals.

Once you have entered your details and produced your first forecast you will get a good idea of how your personal finances will be in the future.
You can then amend the details to reflect different scenarios and produce new forecasts to see the impact of the changes.  

The output from MoneyPlanner includes on-screen warnings and alerts, printable reports and printable charts.


MoneyPlanner enables you to take control of your future and make informed decisions about your finances.


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