Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MoneyPlanner?

MoneyPlanner is a computer package designed to help you plan your personal finances from your current age through to your old age in the comfort of your own home.

2. How does it work?

You enter into MoneyPlanner details of what you know, what you expect and what you hope for. MoneyPlanner will use this information to calculate how long your money will last and whether you can achieve what you hope for.

What you know

  • your age

  • current earnings

  • your savings

  • your investments

What you expect

  • pension forecasts

  • future required income

  • predicted growth rates of investments

What you hope for

  • early retirement age

  • new car purchases

  • travel

  • time to enjoy life

3. Will MoneyPlanner work on my Computer?

MoneyPlanner will work on any Windows computer.


MoneyPlanner runs under Microsoft Access 2016 which is part of Microsoft Office.

If you don’t have Microsoft Access on your computer there is a free alternative available from Microsoft that you can download from the Microsoft Website. It is called Microsoft Access Runtime and is available here:-


Microsoft Access Runtime Download


This free download is a 'cut down' version of Microsoft Access and allows packages like MoneyPlanner to function without having to purchase Microsoft Access.

4. Is MoneyPlanner Safe?

When you first start MoneyPlanner you are prompted to set up a User ID and password that only you know.
To protect your data, the userid and password must be entered every time you go into MoneyPlanner. 

All the information that you put into MoneyPlanner stays on your own computer.

There is no data sent across the internet.

5. Does MoneyPlanner take Income Tax into Account?

Yes. As your monthly finances are calculated, your taxable income is identified and any income tax due is deducted. 
MoneyPlanner stores details of the current income tax rates and bands.
The income tax rates and bands can be adjusted as required and are automatically inflated each year by a fixed percent.

6. Can my partner and I plan our future finances together?

Yes.  Each forecast that you produce can be for a single person or for two people.  If you are producing a two-person forecast there is an option to allow ‘cross-funding of overspend’.

In reality it will always be the case that one member of a couple is individually better off financially than the other. They may have had a better paid job and/or have a more generous occupational pension scheme for example.
With ‘cross-funding of overspend’ the resources of both partners are used to maintain the level of required income for as long as possible, so allowing you to plan your future as a couple rather than as two individuals.

7. What is the output from MoneyPlanner?

When you have entered your details into MoneyPlanner you can calculate your forecast. MoneyPlanner will show any warnings and alerts on the screen (click for example) to highlight any potential issues.  MoneyPlanner also produces various charts (click for example) to show your finances over the future years and reports (click for example) to show the actual figures on a monthly or an annual basis.

8. Can I store my details?

Yes. Once you have entered your details into MoneyPlanner these are saved on your computer under a unique Quote ID. You can recall and amend these details whenever you wish. 
You can make changes to your details and save these under a new Quote ID and in this way you can explore different scenarios catering for different situations.  

For example, you could explore the impact of early retirement or whether you should take a tax free lump sum from your pension fund.

9. How can I find out more?

Read the MoneyPlanner User Guide

Read a MoneyPlanner Illustration

10. Who is behind MoneyPlanner?

MoneyPlanner has been developed in the UK and when you buy MoneyPlanner you can be confident that you are dealing directly with the people who developed it.
All questions or problems will be addressed and any suggestions for changes or additions will be very carefully considered.


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