How To Buy


You can buy MoneyPlanner in two ways


1.    Self Install from a downloaded file.            £45


When you select MoneyPlanner Self Install you will receive an email from us giving you full details on how to download the installation software and the user guide documents.

Once you have downloaded the software and confirmed it is working you will be sent a PayPal payment request.  On receipt of the payment we will send you the Activation Key that you will need to be able to use MoneyPlanner.

You are not charged anything until you are happy that MoneyPlanner is installed and running on your computer or laptop.





2.    Assisted installation (availability depends upon location)        £95


MoneyPlanner Assisted Installation is currently available in the Merseyside area of the UK.
Assisted Installation consists of a home visit by one of our consultants, who will install MoneyPlanner on your own computer and spend time with you demonstrating the product and answering any questions.  You will be left with a printed copy of the user guide documents and a fully working installation of MoneyPlanner on your PC..








​1.    MoneyPlanner has been developed to run with Microsoft Access 2016. It will run on any Windows computer or laptop that has Microsoft Access 2016 installed or the free Runtime version of Microsoft Access.


Microsoft Access is normally installed as part of the Microsoft Office suite.


If you dont have Microsoft Access installed you can download the free runtime version...
a)   from this web site MS Access Runtime

b)   from Microsoft web site  MS Access Runtime


You need to have the MS Access 2016 32bit version.


2.    MoneyPlanner produces various different charts and reports.  These are all produced as pdf files on your computer and displayed using existing pdf reader software.
If you find your existing pdf reader software is not working satisfactorily we would recommend the free pdf reader called PDF Lite.  This has been thoroughly tested with MoneyPlanner and works espcially well as it allows multiple pdf files to be open at the same time and viewed on different tabs.


You can download the free PDF Lite software...

a)   from this web site     PDF Lite

b)   from the PDF Lite website      PDF Lite



If you need any further details please contact us using the information on our Contact page.


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