As we progress through life there are a number of major milestones that people encounter. For example:
  • education
  • work
  • marriage
  • parenting
  • retirement
  • grandparenting
These don't necessarily occur in that order, indeed if at all, and some may occur many times over.


As you reach what you believe to be your mid life years you probably spend more time thinking about how the future will pan out.


Questions such as :

  • when should I retire?

  • will my pension be enough to support my life style?

  • how much will I be able to leave my children?

  • can I afford a dream holiday?

may become more relevant to you.


We have developed a software package called MoneyPlanner that is specifically designed to help answer these questions and many others. It runs on a Windows PC or laptop and is available from this web site.


You enter details into MoneyPlanner of what you know, what you expect and what you hope for. MoneyPlanner uses this information to calculate how long your money will last and whether you can achieve what you hope for.


You can use MoneyPlanner to explore any number of different scenarios and so make informed decisions on how to make the most efficient use of your money and get the greatest benefit from your lifestyle.


If you want to know more about MoneyPlanner click here for more details.


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